Bot Evolution

The current version of our bot, termed as the "Blueprint Strategy," functions as a library application with pre-solved solutions rather than a dynamic solver. However, its design is sophisticated enough to outperform any human opponent in poker.

An earlier iteration achieved a notable performance with a baseline result of 3.42 BB/100 over 100,000+ hands against Slumbot 2019, positioning it among the top 3 performances as of November 2023 on This achievement is particularly impressive given our more compact abstraction tree compared to that of Slumbot. Recent updates have seen our bot surpass Slumbot, achieving winnings of 10.3 and 11.4 BB/100 across 10,000 hands respectively.

King AI: The Next Generation

We are excited to announce our forthcoming release, "King AI." This advanced version incorporates depth-limited solving techniques, combining blueprint strategies with biased simulations and nested safe solving. Our proprietary enhancements have increased its processing speed by approximately tenfold.

King AI significantly outperforms the Blueprint Strategy, showing a 6 BB/100 advantage with an initial stack of 25 BB and a maximum of 4 seconds allowed per action—typically, only 1.5 seconds are used. Its superiority extends further in 200 BB games, where it recently bested Slumbot by 18.9 BB/100 over 6,000 hands.

In post-flop play, King AI demonstrates less than 1% pot exploitability in under 1 second—five times lower than that of the Blueprint Strategy. Despite employing a larger subtree, King AI successfully maintains low exploitability rates. This is notable given that a broader range of actions (5 to 6) is permitted at the start of each street, inherently making it more challenging to keep exploitability low due to the increased decision options. minor exploitability observed primarily stems from the quality of our estimates at the leaf nodes during depth-limited solving. Furthermore, this exploitability is influenced after an off-tree action, when the system recalculates alternative payoffs during reach subgame solving.

Stay tuned for the release of King AI, which promises to set a new benchmark in artificial intelligence poker play.